This wiki is the number one resource about the Yoshi games and another other related media. Please do not vandalise or else it will result in a block.


  • Wiki Name: Yoshipedia
  • Founder: AK777
  • Made by: AK777 Wikis
  • Population: Four


Please read this before editing;

The first and most important rule is to not vandalise the wiki. First result in it gives you a month ban, second has it permanently (indefinitely).

The second is no sockpuppeting. If you do, your sockpuppet is permabanned and you will be banned for a whole month.

The third rule is to not ruin the fun, meaning to not be mean or rude. If you do, you will get a whole month of being banned.

What you can do here?Edit

  • Chat
  • Make/read Roleplay articles
  • Post blogs/posts on the blog.
  • Make articles
  • Be on the forums
  • Read articles
  • Most importantly, have fun!

The Daily YoshiEdit

  • Roleplay is now allowed on Yoshipedia!
  • Booswithanger joined Yoshipedia!
  • Random yoshi 777 joined Yoshipedia!
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day joined Yoshipedia, but only to clean up.